The Jakki Price Show


Previously, Ms. Price has been on the airwaves with 2 different shows—which she’s used as training ground for this one! For years, Jakki has had to be “safe” in her perspectives. Now, Ms. Price realizes and recognizes that her voice reflects those of people worldwide and she’s ready to talk!

All the concerns, worries and issues people deal with aren’t discussed in mainstream media. Rather, they are discussed in beauty shops and barbershops and over drinks or card games. Jakki’s about to change that! She recognizes that NOW is the time to take the worries out of the shadows into a safe platform and present them on a safe platform and talk about what is really on people’s minds!

Having traveled all around the world, as an African American flight attendant, Jakki‘s unique perspective and observations regarding international issues and topics challenges the way her audience thinks.

Topics such as:

  • Black Militants Today: Do they make a difference 50 years later?
  • Our Youth STILL being jailed for no reason!
  • Doctor cuts off child’s penis! Why?
  • Loving the Black Child – Do we know HOW?
  • Incest in the Black Community
  • Sexually abused MEN

Not only does Jakki speak about issues taboo to the mainstream, she works with industry experts on how to resolve them and asks her audience for their input. Her goal is to bring out the questions so that the discussion can lead to meaningful answers and proactive actions.