“My name is Laura Grube and I am the coordinator of a domestic violence program in Buffalo NY. I am writing to express my appreciation for being invited to speak on Jakki Price’s live radio show, to discuss the difficult topic of domestic violence. Ms. Price was able to put me at ease, explained procedures carefully, and asked intelligent, well-informed questions about the topic. Her knowledge of radio programming and wonderful personality made my interview very successful. Jakki provided a community service by bringing this topic to the public’s attention.”

“The Price is right!!! Jakki Price is a top notch interviewer who treats her subjects with respect and humor. She does her homework and research and is a total professional. Jakki doesn’t just ask the questions, she LISTENS! The result is one of the rarest things in the media today: an actual conversation between two people! If you’re going to talk to anybody in the press, talk to Jakki Price! I did and I enjoyed every minute of it.” ~Andrew Goffman

“My name is Ron Moses. I’m the author of The 15 Secrets of Millionaires. Jakki Price invited me to be a guest on her radio show: The Jakki Price Show to talk about my book. It was the first radio interview I’ve done. Jakki made me feel very comfortable and was a gracious host. She asked me very good questions and the interview went well. I got some great comments from people that listened to the radio show. I posted the radio interview to YouTube and I’ve had almost 500 people listen to it. I highly recommend to anyone who’s considering a radio interview to go on The Jakki Price Show.”

“I was a guest on the Jakki Price radio show, interviewed about my work as a TV spokes-model for Chevrolet car commercials. Jakki is a well-prepared and in-depth interviewer and host, keeping her audience entertained while well-informed. The Jakki Price show is the best radio program on the airwaves – informative, well-produced and inspirational!”
Lisa Rodriguez, TV Personality & Model

“I would like to thank you for having us on your show to share with the community the wonderful work of the students of Muhammad School of Music (MSOM). Your program is a vital source for sharing the good things going on around Western New York. I thought your questions were insightful and were designed to allow me, the interviewee, to elaborate on what we do. You also provided ample time for me to answer each question thoroughly. I enjoyed being on your show and I hope you will invite us again in the future.”
Henri L. Muhammad – Maestro -Muhammad School of Music

“I was recently interviewed on the Jakki Price show. Jakki provided clear details and questions about her format. I enjoyed this opportunity and felt the interview went smoothly. Jakki I wish you continued success in your radio ventures.”
Judith Dreyer, MS

“I have had the honor of being interviewed by Jakki Price on two occasions in recent years and both times were an absolute joy. Jakki knows her stuff and was not only prepared, but she did an incredible job of making me feel relaxed and completely comfortable before and during my interview. I have been interviewed several times in my career and I can honestly say that Jakki has not only perfected the art of interviewing, but she is also an excellent listener at the same time. She is a true professional, my only complaint is, such beauty should not be limited to radio, she should have her own TV show so her talent as an interviewer and her beauty can be shared with the world.”
Darryl S. Duncan – President & CEO, GameBeat Studios, LLC / The Flow Corporate Audio Group

“It was a privilege to be on your radio talk show. Thank you so much for sending the pre-show packet as it was comforting knowing what to expect. Your level of professionalism and preparation makes you the class act that you are. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of you.”
Diane Denard-Leiter, Golden Publication

Jakki Price a great radio hostess and I recommend her and her show. She has the perfect voice and the knowledge for doing great interviews on a variety of subjects. I personally wish I could be on her show on a weekly basis. Good luck to Jakki and her new show, I know it is going to be a hit!!
Corey Crowder – Former professional basketball player in NBA – Author and Speaker

Jakki Price is pleasant, outgoing, tenacious and very professional in and out of work. I had the pleasure of being on her talk show once. Jakki went above and beyond to help me prepare for the show. I had never been on a talk show before hers but if I ever need to again Jakki would be my first choice, she made me feel very comfortable right from the start. I believe that Jakki would be an asset to your company.
Segay Biroo, ‘The Caribbean Crooner” – Ultimate Voices Entertainment